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September 29, 2012
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(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
WARNING!: This is a lemon.  Meaning there is explicit sexual content.  And very little plot.

"This is so not awesome."

You glanced over at your partner Gilbert.  He was leaning back in his chair, his feet propped up on his desk.  The shirt of his uniform was unbuttoned, revealing the white T-shirt underneath that was soaked with sweat and sticking to his toned abs.  Desire burned in your belly and you hurriedly looked away.  If only he wasn't so freaking sexy!

It was sometime after three in the morning and you and Gilbert were minding the station.  It was a very warm night out and, unfortunately, the air conditioner was broken, leaving the two of you in your current predicament.  That being, of course, that Gilbert was on the verge of dying of heatstroke (going by his complaining anyway) and you were doing everything you could not to jump him.

You'd only been partners for a little over a month, but you had wanted him from the very first moment you'd seen him.  And the desire was only getting stronger as time passed.   It was driving you insane.

With a heavy sigh you sank down further in your chair.  "The chief said that they're going to come and fix it tomorrow…"

Gilbert's only response was a pitiful groan.  You had to agree with him though.  It was burning up inside the police station.  You reached up and unbuttoned a couple more buttons on your uniform shirt.  The neckline was already getting dangerously low, but at this point you really just didn't care anymore.

"Hey, -name-…"  

You looked over at Gilbert again, confused, as his voice trailed off.  His ruby eyes were trained on you, something in them hungry.  It made your stomach do a flip as he continued to stare.  "What?" you finally asked.

Suddenly Gilbert smirked.  "I know something awesome we can do to pass the time until our shift ends," he replied, standing and causally moving towards you.

"Oh really?" you asked, curious despite yourself.  You sat up and leaned forward as Gilbert came to a stop before you desk.

"Yea.  It's a game called 'Good Cop, Bad Cop'."

You frowned.  "Never heard of it."

"That's too bad.  It's almost as awesome as I am."

You rolled your eyes.  God, Gilbert was hot, but he could be such an arrogant prick sometimes.  "Fine.  How do you play?"

Gilbert didn't respond.  He just stood there, smirking at you.  Your stomach did another flip.  And then he leaned down and kissed you.

You froze.  Was this really happening?  Was Gilbert I'm-too-sexy-and-awesome-for-my-shirt (and, yes, there was a story behind that) Beilschmidt actually kissing you?  Why yes.  Yes he was.  

You couldn't hold yourself back anymore.  With a feral growl you leaned into the kiss, aggressively biting and licking at Gilbert's lips.  You could feel Gilbert smirk before he opened his mouth and you darted your tongue inside, quickly beginning to wrestle against his in an erotic dance.

Fire was burning in your belly as you reached up to tangle your hands in Gilbert's hair.  Except for one tiny problem.  You couldn't move either of you hands more than a couple of inches.  You broke away from Gilbert, a frustrated frown on your face, and looked down.

"Damn it!  What the hell, Gilbert?!"  Somehow he'd managed to handcuff you to the handle on one of the drawers on your desk.

Gilbert chuckled, his eyes alight with lust.  "I told you.  This is 'Good Cop, Bad Cop'.  And you've been very, very bad Officer –name-."

Gilbert's husky tone sent a pleasant shiver down your spine, stoking your need even more.  You still glared at him, however, as he casually strolled around to your side of the desk.  He inspected every inch of you, though what he was looking for you didn't know.  But that look in his eyes…God it made you want him even more.

Finally Gilbert spoke again.  "You know…I don't think you need this Officer –name-," Gilbert said.  With one quick movement he unbuckled your belt- your gun,  handcuffs, and other assorted equipment still attached- and dropped it on the floor.  His smirk got wider as you glared at him.  "Nor this…"

This time Gilbert went for your pants, but not before giving the area below the zipper a good, long stroke.  Your breath hitched involuntarily as the pleasure threatened to overwhelm your nervous system.

Within moments your pants, along with your boots, were on the floor, revealing your bright pink, lacy panties.  Gilbert raised an eyebrow at you, his smirk amused now, and your face, already red from the heat and Gilbert's teasing, flushed even darker.  "What?" you snapped.  "Just because I'm a cop doesn't mean I don't like to feel like a girl!"

"No…I like them."

There was so much desire in Gilbert's voice that your breath caught in your throat.  Gilbert kissed you again, taking control this time as he explored your mouth and played with your lips.  Quickly he moved to your jaw and neck, biting and kissing in a way that made you shiver and pant.

His hands were just as busy as his mouth, one hand rubbing between your legs, the other unbuttoning your uniform shirt the rest of the way.  As you were reduced to a moaning mess burning with need, you didn't protest as Gilbert slipped a hand under the tank top you wore beneath your uniform and fondled your breast.

"G-Gilbert," you moaned at the contact.  The feeling of his palm against your breast was heavenly.

"I like the way you said my name just then," Gilbert whispered against your neck.  He then pulled away, eagerly turning his gaze downwards as he tugged your tank top up to reveal the pink, lacy bra that matched your panties.

Gilbert laughed that odd 'kesesese' sound that you both loved and hated.  You scowled at him.  "-name-, I knew you were bad, but I didn't know you were this bad.  It should to be criminal for you to make me want you this much."

You turned your head away as he went to kiss you again, but he just laughed.  Reaching behind your back he easily unclasped your bra, freeing your breasts.  However, as he went to remove both your tank top and bra he found the one little problem with his 'game'.

He couldn't get them off with you handcuffed to the desk.  This time it was his turn to frown as you smirked.  "Looks like you're going to have to let me off for good behavior," you all but sang.

Gilbert's frown deepened, but he reached for the key to his handcuffs all the same.  As soon as one of your hands were free you reached down and snagged your own handcuffs from your discarded belt.  Once your other hand was free you whipped around, snapping your cuffs around Gilbert's wrists and the handle on your desk drawer.

"Wha-?!  Hey!  What gives name?" Gilbert spluttered, clearly surprised to find himself restrained.

You pulled your tank top over your head and dropped your bra, shaking your hair free before smirking at Gilbert.  He'd watched your every move, eyes wide, making both your desire and your confidence burn stronger.  "Now, now Gilbert," you teased, your tone that of someone chastising a naughty child.  "I'm not the only who's been bad around here."

"After all," you continued, pressing yourself against his toned and sweaty chest so you could whisper into his ear.  "You've been testing my self-control since day one."

With that you forced his uniform shirt off and down to his wrists.  You stopped there and Gilbert smirked at you, his self-assurance returning.  "Uh oh.  Looks like you've got the same problem.  I guess you'll just have to un-cuff me."  He wiggled his eyebrows at you suggestively.

"Oh no," you said slyly.  "I have other ways."  You leaned over, making sure Gilbert had a good view of your ass, and slid another drawer open.  You pulled out a pair of scissors and smirked.  For the first time ever you saw a flash of fear in Gilbert's eyes.

"What're you going to do with those?" he asked warily.

"Well…you don't need this," you replied, fingering the hem of his T-shirt.  Then you lifted the scissors up and cut deeply into the fabric.  Gilbert's eyes widened and you smirked a little more.  You continued to cut upwards, enjoying the way Gilbert shuddered and twitched as the cool metal made contact with his feverish skin.

Finally the shirt was destroyed leaving Gilbert gloriously bare-chested.  You marveled at the way his muscles rippled underneath his especially pale skin.  He wasn't ripped (you'd met his younger brother…now HE was cut), but his muscles were firm and strong.  You reached out and ran your fingers down the perfect abs you'd been admiring all night.

Gilbert let out moan.  You looked up and smiled at him.  "Like that?"

Gilbert's smirk was back.  "What do you think?"

You let your hands drift lower, your fingers sneaking beneath the waistband of his pants.  Gilbert's hips bucked, his erection pushing even tighter against his crotch as you teased him.  "-name-!" Gilbert whined, his breath becoming labored.

You unbuckled Gilbert's belt and dropped it to the floor much as he'd done to you.  "Hm…" you said, stepping away and laying a finger on your lips.  "You're disarmed now.  But I think I better frisk you just to be sure."

Gilbert laughed, but you quickly silenced him as you reached around and grabbed his ass.  Gilbert's hips bucked again, this time into yours as you pressed your body against his.  Even though he was cuffed to the desk he was still driving you wild, the skin on skin contact between your breasts and his chest and his erection against your mound turning your already soaked entrance dripping.

You kissed Gilbert roughly, tangling your hands in his silver hair before dropping them and caressing his chest with light fingers.  Gilbert became a writhing, moaning mess beneath you as you worked your way down his neck, chest, and stomach with your mouth, your hands exploring everywhere.

You reached the waistband of his pants and undid the button and zipper with your teeth.  You tugged them down, revealing the tight, white boxer briefs adorned with little yellow cheeks that did nothing to hide his swollen member.  You glanced up at Gilbert, eyebrow raised.

"What?" he asked, the color on his face darkening.


"Shut up…" he grumbled, looking away.  You got his attention again by yanking his underwear down.

His member now free, you inspected it.  Gilbert was always bragging about his 'awesome five meters' and while it wasn't quite that long you were still impressed.  You glanced back up again to find Gilbert's eyes on you, the intensity of his heated gaze startling you.  He was into this…really into this.  With a small, satisfied smile you gave the head of his erection an experimental lick.

Gilbert groaned, his hips bucking.  You licked him again, starting from the base this time and going all the way up to the tip where you swirled your tongue around before latching on with your lips.  You began to suck, wrapping your hand around the base to pump as your mouth got to work.

Within a minute Gilbert was groaning your name between panted breaths, his hips already rhythmically thrusting.  It was just as you tasted his salty precum that you felt fingers brushing through your hair.  You looked up in surprise to see that Gilbert had somehow managed to free himself.

You stared dumbfounded as Gilbert pulled you to your feet, smirking widely.  "I'm very flexible," he told you, spinning you around and pinning your back against the top of the desk, the two of you just barely missing your computer.  "I'll have to show you just how flexible at another time, though."  He then yanked your panties down, inserting a finger into your burning, dripping core as he attached his mouth to your breast.

"Oh God, Gilbert," you gasped, as he pumped his finger in and out, his palm cupping and rubbing at your mound and making your clitoris scream in pleasure.   His licked and sucked and teased your nipple with his tongue, the other hand kneading your other breast.  There was the sound of papers hitting the floor as you arched your back and hips into Gilbert's touch, your entire body burning with the desire for more pleasure and to feel him inside you.

Suddenly Gilbert withdrew his hand from between your legs and you whimpered in protest.  You fell silent when you felt his erection pressing against the inside of your thigh.  He caught your eye as he positioned himself above you, the tip of his member teasing your folds.  "You ready for my awesomeness?" he purred, his gaze smoldering with unrestrained want.

"Yes," you replied, your voice as thick with lust as his was.

Without any further discussion Gilbert penetrated you.  You groaned lustily as he filled you, your walls stretching around him.  God, how you'd wanted this…it felt so good!  He began to thrust in and out, his pace painfully slow.

"Gilbert, faster!" you whined after several long minutes, the slow build in your abdomen almost unbearable.  You wanted to feel that rush of pleasure and you wanted to feel it now.

"Oh no," he replied through breathy pants, arching his hips so he went even deeper, making you gasp and squirm.  "I'm going to take my time."

And he did, building his pace ever so slowly.  But as he began to speed up it was clear that his self-control was fading.  His thrusts became more erratic and wild and you rocked your hips against his, trying to get the best angle.  You knew you'd found a good one when he breathed out your name before reaching down behind your knee and pulling one leg up onto his shoulder.

He grabbed your ass to steady you as his pace become blistering, pounding your core with everything he had left.  It was just too much.  That little ball of tension deep between your legs began to grow and tighten.  It got bigger and tighter and bigger and tighter and then, suddenly, it snapped.  

With a strangled cry your arched into a Gilbert's body, throwing your head back so that it hung off the edge of your desk.  The pleasure raged through you, saturating every nerve and leaving you floating in bliss.  By the time you were beginning your slow descent back to reality Gilbert's body stiffened above you, the low sound of your name signaling that he'd hit his own orgasm.

For a moment neither of you moved, both of you catching your breaths as your mixed sweated dripped from your satisfied bodies onto the floor.

"So…" Gilbert said, catching your eye again.  "I'm awesome right?"

You rolled your eyes and pushed Gilbert playfully off you.  He stood back and allowed you to rise as well.  You back ached a bit and you were pretty sure you were going to have some interesting bruises in the morning.

"Come on –name-.  You know I'm awesome," Gilbert teased as he pulled his underwear back on, his pants close behind.

"I don't know," you said, your tone jokingly thoughtful.  "I may have to review the evidence again."

Gilbert barked a laugh before smirking.  "Well, if that's the case then I think I'd better stop you here," he said, grabbing your hands before you could close the clasp of your bra.

You'd just locked gazes again, the glint in Gilbert's red eyes clearly indicating he was more than ready for round two, when the police scanner on the far side of the room hissed and crackled to life.  

"We've got a 10-38 in progress, I repeat a 10-38 in progress in District 4.  Requesting immediate back up.  I repeat, requesting immediate back up."

Gilbert swore loudly and you both frantically began to redress before Gilbert grabbed the keys to your police cruiser and you both sprinted for the door.  It wasn't until you were in the car on your way to the far side of the town that you realized you'd left your handcuffs still attached to the handle on the drawer of your desk.

You smirked as that thought brought back your most recent memories.  Maybe you'd just leave them there.  They'd come in handy the next time you and Gilbert decided to play 'Good Cop, Bad Cop'.
I had fun with this. WAY too much fun. I'm actually extremely pleased with the way this came out. I rather think I outdid myself this time around. And I didn't really hold back at all, which I definitely did in my last lemon.

I know there's other stuff I should have been doing rather than writing this. But after the day I had yesterday I really just wanted to write something fun that didn't take a lot of brain power. This fit the bill. And I know I said something about a pirate!England lemon (which I will write eventually), but this one just kind of came to me and it was one of those YOU MUST WRITE IT NOW things.

Anyway. I hope you enjoyed it :iconpervyprussiaplz:

Hetalia belongs to :iconhimaruyaplz:
And I'm not sure what the law says, but I'm pretty sure you belong to :iconprussiasparklesplz:

Want more?
Germany lemon: [link]
Canada lemon: [link]
America lemon: [link]
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