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September 8, 2012
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(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
WARNING:  This is a lemon and therefore it contains sex/smut/etc.  Also there is virtually no plot.  XD

As soon as Ludwig shut the door of your shared apartment behind you, you had him pressed up against it.  You leaned your body into his, pinning him against the door.

Ludwig chuckled and smiled indulgently.  "Feeling frisky?"

You smirked.  Now that was a silly question.  He knew very well what it did to you when he wore those jeans.  It didn't help that your boyfriend was practically sex on legs anyways.  Usually Ludwig was the one who took the lead in your lovemaking, but tonight you wanted to take charge.

And there was one other thing.  "I've been waiting all day for this," you whispered into Ludwig's ear, your voice practically a purr.

Ludwig stiffened, his muscles tensing.  You'd surprised him.  But not in a bad way, as his hands were already reaching up to take a hold of your waist.  You caught his wrists before he could get a good grip, however, and pushed them back down so his palms were flat against the door.

You smirked again as Ludwig raised a skeptical eyebrow.  "Nuh uh," you tutted.  "It's my turn tonight."  And then you attacked his mouth.

You were gentle at first, though your pace was feverish, as you gave him little pecks and trailed your tongue over his fuller bottom lip.  But once he opened his mouth all bets were off.  You quickly slipped your tongue inside, alternating between exploring his mouth and stroking his tongue or biting and licking at his lips.

While your mouths were busy your hands snuck up and tangled in Ludwig's golden hair.  You loved his hair, loved to run your fingers through the short, silken strands.  What you didn't love was the way that he always wore it pushed back away from his forehead.  It looked so much better when it was free to hang into his face.  You corrected the problem, thoroughly mussing up his hair before your hands slipped back down to the top button of his shirt.

As you began the work of undressing him you pulled away from Ludwig's mouth and attached your lips to his ear, taking the lobe between your teeth and playing with it gently with the tip of your tongue.  There was a hitch in Ludwig's breath and he shuddered.  You smirked.  It made you feel powerful to know that you had this effect on him.

You began to kiss his jaw, working your way down to his neck where you used your teeth and tongue.  Ludwig moaned, his hips involuntarily bucking and grinding against yours.  The contact was enough to let you know that your ministrations were definitely working.  It was working on you too though.  The space between your legs was getting warm and the smoldering ache of desire was beginning to burn hot.

You reached the last button at the bottom of Ludwig's shirt and he shrugged it off, revealing the tight black tank top underneath.  You hummed in satisfaction- God, it was hot- but… "I don't think you need this," you murmured, your tone as sultry as you could make it as you gently tugged on the hem of the offending garment.

Ludwig must have agreed because he had it up and over his head before you could blink.  You were glad it was gone though, as it revealed the glorious landscape of Ludwig's cut chest, abs, and arms.  Grinning like the Cheshire cat you ran your fingers over his body, teasing him with your light touches as you explored his muscled physique.

He was just so damn attractive.  You could never stop yourself from marveling at his body whenever he had his shirt off.  And now, with your chest pressed up against Ludwig's and the warmth from his skin invading your own it was slowly driving you insane.  The heat between your legs was growing unbearable.  You could feel the dampness there as well, your womanhood aching in need.

But no.  Not quite yet.

You glanced up at Ludwig's flushed face.  His bright blue eyes were clouded by a haze of lust and it was clear that he was growing impatient as well.  Ludwig's hands reached out again, this time going to the waistband of your pants.  The touch of his fingertips against your skin lit a raging fire inside you, but before he could undo the button of your jeans you stopped him.

"Naughty, naughty," you gasped, your breathing strained now.  You pulled Ludwig away from the door and pushed him farther into the room.  The back of his knees collided with seat of the cushy armchair he favored for reading and he half-fell half-sat down into it.

You smirked at the baffled gaze Ludwig gave you.  "Just stay there," you told him.

There was no music, but you really didn't need it.  After all this show was for one man's eyes only.  Slowly, ever so tantalizingly slowly, you began to strip.  You started with you shirt, carefully pulling it up over you head to make sure Ludwig had the best view of your cleavage as you did so.  Your pants came next and you turned around and bent over so that he could get the full effect of the thong that you'd worn just for this.

You paused, standing in there in just your lingerie, to give Ludwig a heated glance.  He was clearly enjoying the view, an obvious erection now pressing against the crotch of his jeans.  It made you feel so good- and fueled your own lust- to know that he was sitting there panting and sweating and aching with desire for you.

You made short work of your bra and panties after that, releasing your breasts and dropping the already soaked thong to the floor.  Smirking once again, you strolled towards your boyfriend, making sure that your hips rolled a little extra with every step.

"Oh, Gott, -name-," Ludwig moaned as you reached out and undid the button on the front of his jeans.  You unzipped them agonizingly slowly making sure to give his very hard member plenty of attention as you did so.  Ludwig writhed beneath your hands.

Ludwig's jeans hit the floor and his black boxer-briefs weren't far behind.  Now that you were both completely naked you crawled up onto Ludwig's lap, straddling him with a knee on either side of his legs.  You didn't lower yourself onto his swollen and erect length, however, choosing to hover over him and tease him some more instead.

Ludwig reached up, this time to fondle your breasts, but once again you stopped him, pinning his arms to the arms of the chair.  As much as you would have enjoyed it you wanted to be in control this time.

"Damn it," Ludwig growled, his desperation plain on his face as you grinned at him.

"Aw, what's wrong?" you teased, leaning forward so that his face was pressed between your breasts.  When he tried to kiss them, however, you pulled away.  Ludwig groaned in frustration.  Your grin widened.  "Don't be like that.  It's no fun if I don't get to play with you a bit."

And play you did, leaning forward multiple times to jiggle your breasts in his face.  You also moved your hips around, just brushing your now dripping entrance against the tip of his equally eager member.  It was driving him wild, his hips bucking and thrusting in frustration beneath you.

But this was a double-edged sword.  You were teasing him, yes, but you were teasing yourself as well.  You were panting now too, every inch of your skin on fire.  The desire to have him between your legs had become a physical need.  But you couldn't give in yet.  There was still something you were waiting for.

"-name-," Ludwig finally moaned, voice husky and thick with lust.  "Enough of this…Gott, just please fuck me already."

You grinned triumphantly.  "I'm sorry, I couldn't quite hear that."

"Just fuck me already!" Ludwig growled.

You leaned down so your face was inches from his.  You were so glad you had done this.  It made you so hot to hear Ludwig beg.  You wanted to hear it again.

"You want me?" you purred.

"Yes," Ludwig panted, his eyes shining with desperation in the half-dark room.

"How badly do you want me?"  You punctuated your question by rubbing your folds against Ludwig's length.

"S-so, so badly…" he groaned, his hips bucking uncontrollably making your breath catch in your throat as he poked you.

"How badly?" you asked again, your question more of a gasp this time.

"So badly…just, oh Gott, I can't handle this anymore!  Please –name-!" Ludwig pleaded.

That was enough for you (and you didn't think you could wait any longer anyways).  You moaned throatily as you lowered yourself onto him, your core stretching to take up all of his impressive length.  This was one of the things that you loved most about having sex with Ludwig- he filled you up so completely that you never went unsatisfied.

Ludwig breathed your name as you settled and it lit a new fire inside you.  You began to move, bouncing your hips up and down slowly.  The friction of it felt so good that the pressure in your womb began to build immediately.  The muscles in your shoulders began to tense and you abandoned Ludwig's arms to wind your hands around his neck and tangle your fingers in his hair.

"Oh Ludwig," you gasped.

Somewhere after that Ludwig took charge.  His hands now free he allowed them to roam as he'd been longing to do since this whole thing began.  One settled on your waist, controlling your hips as he thrusted into you, and the other moved between your butt and breasts, caressing them as he peppered your neck and jaw with kisses.

Ludwig's pace began to increase and his thrusts deepened as he pounded into your very core.  Soon all you could do is ride him as you floated in bliss, gasping out his name between ragged breaths.  The heat and friction built inside you, growing so much that you were certain you couldn't take anymore.  

And then it broke.

You threw back your head and let out a scream as you orgasmed, you fingers digging into the back of the chair.  The pleasure completely obliterated all thought as you rode the wave out.  It left you breathless and limp, your once taunt muscles now loose and trembling.

Beneath you, you felt Ludwig's muscles contract, his entire body going rigid before going slack as he reached his own orgasm.  His thrusts slowed and then stopped and both of you just sat there for a moment basking in the afterglow of your ecstasy.

"That was amazing," Ludwig murmured into your shoulder before kissing it.  He pulled away and took your face in both his hands.  "I love you so much, -name-" he told you before pressing his lips to yours.

"I love you too," you replied once you finally pulled away.  You stood and stretched, but before you could put your arms down Ludwig wrapped his arms around you and gave you another slow, loving kiss.

This time he pulled away and, smiling, pressed a kiss against your forehead.  "Just know that next time I'm going to be the one making you beg," Ludwig whispered into your ear and you could feel him smirking against your cheek.

A shiver of eager anticipation ran down your spine.  You returned Ludwig's smirk.  "I think I can handle that."
That's right. I've finally done it...I've written a lemon. I don't know if this makes me a fanfiction master or if I've just reached a new level of depravity. Maybe a little of both? :icongermanyfacepalmplz: Not that I have a problem with lemons...I'm just not sure how comfortable I am with the fact that I wrote this.

Anyways, this was inspired by two things. The first is that in almost all the Hetalia lemons I read it's the characters that take charge and do everything. And, well, that's just no fun hence reader-chan taking charge in this. The second is that Germany lemons always seem to include BDSM stuff and while that is pretty much cannon it doesn't do anything for me so I thought it'd be nice to write a Germany lemon that was pretty much just straight up sex.

I'm not really sure if it's any good. I don't know if I was...graphic...enough for it really be effective. Thoughts, please?

This is dedicated to :iconumioko: because she ACTUALLY commented on the journal where I first proposed writing this. So this one is for you!

Hetalia belongs to :iconhimaruyaplz:
And, clearly, you belong to :iconsexygermanyplz:

Want more?
Prussia lemon: [link]
Canada lemon: [link]
America lemon: [link]
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CookieGirlXP Mar 21, 2014  New member
It's one of the best lemon I have ever read. Anyone agrees? *Looks around*
Cavebat777 Mar 10, 2014  New member Hobbyist Filmographer
Holly cow! This was grate for your first lemon! Good job 👍
katcraft455 Mar 2, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I'm just gunna die of blood loss now
blackdreamer17 Feb 13, 2014  Student Writer
*massive nosebleed*
Yup he wants me cx
Prussia- Country of sex
Germany- Just stole Prussia's title
Actually Greece is the country of sex lol c;
PrussiaLover01 Dec 7, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
holy crappola that was so hot. Luddy takes after his brother in many ways. am i wrong?!
"It didn't help that your boyfriend was practically sex on legs anyways." AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH! I died reading that!!! OMG!!! La la la la Love 
Pruhunshipper4life Oct 10, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
:iconnosebleed: :iconovariesplz: :iconimdeadplz:
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