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November 9, 2012
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(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
WARNING:  This is a lemon, meaning it contains explicit sexual content.  There may actually be a tad bit of plot this time, however.

You and Matthew entered the house together with a burst of laughter, a blast of cold air, and a spray of whirling snow.  Matthew hurriedly shut the door as you pulled your hat off.

“It’s so cold out there,” Matthew breathed, teeth chattering as he hopped out of his boots.

“I know,” you replied, finally managing to unzip your coat.  Hastily you slid it off, eager to embrace the warmth of the house only to find that it felt almost as chilly as the outside air did.  “Oh no!  We forget to turn the heat up!”

Matthew, arms wrapped around his torso, walked over to the thermostat.  “You’re right.”  He fiddled with it for a moment before turning back to you with a smile.  “There.  It’s up.”

“But it’s going to take forever for the house to heat up,” you whined.

Matthew rolled his eyes, but couldn’t hide his smile as it widened.  “I’ll start a fire.”

“Great!”  You darted forward and pressed a quick kiss to his lips, but you pulled away with a frown.  “Matt, you’re soaked.”

He laughed.  “I guess I am, eh?”

You shook your head.  Matthew was always claiming that because he was Canadian the cold didn’t affect him.  So when the two of you went for a walk this morning he insisted that he only needed a hoodie, while you bundled up in a jacket, hat, and scarf.  He probably would have been okay if the two of you hadn’t been attacked by the three crazy guys from next door, triggering an epic snowball fight.

“Take your hoodie off or you’re going to catch a cold,” you sighed.  Stupid boy.



Matthew meekly removed his soaked sweatshirt.  “And your shirt,” you added, eyeing his long-sleeve shirt critically.  It was soaked too.  Matthew reluctantly shed it as well.

“N-now I’m r-really c-cold,” he said, shivering violently.

“Go start the fire!  I’m going to change real quick and I’ll bring you another shirt.”


You froze as you reentered the family room after changing into a pair of baggy sweatpants and one of Matthew’s old college hockey jerseys.  Matthew was leaning over in front of the fireplace rearranging logs and tinder.  His jeans rode low on his hips, exposing just the top of the curve of his perfect butt.  You could also see the smooth muscles of his back stretching and bunching beneath his pale skin as he worked.

This simple sight awoke a fire inside you and you could feel the ache of desire sparking between your legs.  You quickly crossed the room, Matthew’s T-shirt left forgotten on the floor in the doorway.

As Matthew stood straight you pressed yourself against his back and wrapped your arms around his chest.  He flinched violently and pulled away with a yelp of  ‘Maple!’.  He turned to you, his expression slightly startled, a faint blush staining his cheeks.  “Geez –name-!  Your hands are freezing!”

“Sorry,” you replied, not sounding sorry in the least.

You bit your lip as your eyes roved hungrily over your boyfriend’s bare torso.  Matthew was a study in contrasts.  He was quite tall, but he lacked any sort of presence in a crowd.  He was shy and reserved most of the time, but he loved to play hockey and could get really aggressive on the ice.  His build was thin, but he was well muscled, with a sculpted chest, arms, and abs.  And all that skating did wonderful things for his ass.

You knew Matthew wasn’t very confident about his appearance, but the fact of the matter was that he was hot.  Really hot.  You bit back an involuntary sigh as you imagined his body pressed against yours.

Matthew’s blush deepened as you stared.  “Why are you looking at me like that –name-?”

“Oh, I just had an idea of how we could, ah, warm ourselves up.”

“The fire isn’t enough?”

You smirked.  “I think it’ll work a lot better than the fire…”

You closed the distance between the two of you in two strides.  He stared at you with wary lavender eyes as you pressed you hands to his chest again and elicited another flinch.  But he didn’t back away and you could already feel the feverish heat of his skin seeping into your palms.  You allowed yourself the smallest of satisfied smirks before pressing your lips to his.

Matthew was reluctant to respond at first, standing straight and stiff and keeping his lips firmly together.  But he could never resist you for long and, after only a short while of you playfully licking and nibbling on his bottom lip, he opened his mouth and allowed you to slip your tongue inside.

You felt Matthew’s eyes flutter closed against your cheek as you caressed his tongue with yours.  Suddenly he wrapped his arms around you and pulled you close, deepening the kiss as he did so.  The desire to feel him between your legs began to burn.

After several long minutes of squirm inducing French kissing- which, according to Matthew, was because he’d spent several years in Quebec and spoke fluent French- you reluctantly pulled away from his mouth.  “-name-,” Matthew sighed, in a way that sent a shiver of anticipation down your spine, as you gently pressed kisses against his jaw and neck.

Your hands roved over his torso, tracing the lines of his muscles and teasing at the waistband of his pants.  Matthew fidgeted, but he didn’t pull away.  Instead he leaned into you even more, melting into your touch as his breath became heavier and more uneven.

You had reached the junction of Matthew’s neck and shoulder, leaving a slow, moist kiss with lots of tongue on the spot, when you felt his hand on the back of your neck.  Gently he turned your face upwards and pressed another kiss to your lips.  It was heated, Matthew’s lips moving hungrily against yours in a way that was far more aggressive than before.  It filled your mind with a haze of want and threatened to turn you into pile of goo, completely at Matthew’s mercy.

Feeling playful- and wanting to give as good as you were getting- you slipped your hand down the back of Matthew’s pants and gave his ass a squeeze.  He broke the kiss with a squeak of surprise, his hips thrusting into yours at the sudden contact.  You smirked to yourself as the evidence that Matthew was enjoying himself pressed against your thigh.

With a sharp exhalation that was somewhere between exasperation and desire Matthew caught your chin and titled your face upwards.  Your breath caught in your throat as you met his gaze, his lavender eyes smoldering.  “Let’s take this upstairs, shall we?” he whispered huskily, his tone lighting a fire beneath your skin, spreading from the feather light contact of his fingers against your jaw.

You couldn’t help but bite your lip again.  You just wanted him so badly.  You shook your head.  “No.  Let’s do it here.”

“Here?”  Mathew looked around, some of the lust in his expression disappearing in favor of confusion.  You had to suppress a giggle at the adorable absurdity of it.

“Yes.  Right here.”

You carefully removed his glasses and put them on the mantle.  You then placed your hands on the tops of Matthew’s shoulders and gently pushed downwards.  Matthew sank into a sitting position on the faux polar bear skin rug laid out in front of the fireplace, his eyes wide with sudden comprehension.  He blushed lightly as you kneeled before him and pushed him down onto his back before crawling on top of him and straddling his hips.

“See?” you hummed, a bit breathlessly as you felt his long, firm length pressing against that wet and aching spot between your legs.  “Isn’t this nice?”  You lightly trailed your tongue around the outside shell of Matthew’s ear causing him to shiver beneath you.

“Mmm, yea,” he replied, his resistance already gone as he pulled you in for another kiss.

You eagerly continued exploring each other’s mouths, pausing only to gasp for breath occasionally.  His hands began to roam, running up and down your sides and legs.  You teasingly grinded against Matthew’s hips, drawing small moans and instinctual thrusts from him.  Things were getting hot and heavy and your kisses were becoming desperate, both of you needy for more contact.  Before you’d realized it Matthew slipped a hand beneath the hockey jersey and caressed one of your breasts.

You felt Matthew stutter to a stop as he pulled away from you.  “No bra?” he asked, both surprised and pleased.

You smiled sweetly at him as you resisted the urge to groan in disappointment at losing the sensation of his calloused hands against your flesh.  “No.  And I’ll tell you a secret.  I’m not wearing panties either.”

Pure want flashed through Matthew’s eyes and you were abruptly on your back with him hovering above you.  “Oh –name-,” he sighed lustily before attaching his lips to your neck.

You’d lost the upper hand, but you really couldn’t find the energy to care.  And certainly not when Matthew made you feel like this.  The combination of his lips against your neck, his hands, one on your breast and the other on your hip, and the heat from the fire filled you with warmth, sending little shocks of liquid heat shooting down your limbs and to pool in your abdomen.  

In short order the jersey was off, Matthew’s mouth and hands working together across your chest and stomach to bring you to new levels of ecstasy.  The ache between your legs was so strong now that you were rubbing your thighs together in a futile attempt to relive it.

You ran your hands through Matthew’s wavy blond hair as he trailed his tongue around your belly button.  You moaned throatily before giving that one long curl that never wanted to lay neatly with the rest of his bangs a gentle tug.  You heard Matthew gasp and saw him give you a heated glance before he had moved lower, tugging your pants off in the process.

The feeling of cool air against your hot, wet womanhood only made your desire more acute.  You didn’t just want Matthew anymore- you needed him.  Badly.  And you were quite certain Matthew knew it.  He teased you for a bit running his hands over your legs and thighs while staring at you writhing beneath him.  You defiantly met his shameless stare edged with wonder, refusing to give him the satisfaction of hearing you moan.

You lost all semblance of control, however, when Matthew bent down and you felt his lips against your inner thigh.  You gave up right then and there.  “Matthew,” you sighed in need, your legs practically springing apart in order to give him easier access.

Your breath came as a sharp and breathy pant when you felt Matthew’s lips against your folds.  He teased you for a moment, exploring the outside with his lips, his breath hot and maddening against your skin.  Finally you couldn’t take it anymore.  “Matt, please,” you begged quietly, your fingers tangling in the faux fur of the rug as you tried to control yourself.

Matthew obliged, his tongue slipping inside you, and you let out a moan.  Matthew worked methodically, his tongue probing and twisting and caressing your core before he would pull back and suck gently on the mound above it.  It was pure bliss and it left you sweaty and moaning, your hips bucking and shifting as pressure built between you legs.

“Matthew,” you groaned, his name a plea, though you weren’t sure if you wanted him to bring you to completion or if you wanted more.  You were so close, the pressure in your abdomen just about to explode when Matthew pulled away for a final time and stood briefly to remove his pants and boxers.

You barely got a glance of his lithe body and his fully erect member before he was hovering over you, his length filling the empty space between your thighs, the tip pressing tantalizingly against your soaked and ready entrance.

For a moment neither of you moved or spoke, trapped in each other’s eyes.  Matthew’s gaze was filled with more than just fiery desire- there was adoration there and it left you feeling breathless.  You felt your face heat up and though you were already flushed from his previous ministrations you were certain you were blushing.

“You’re so beautiful,” Matthew finally said, his voice husky and thick with emotion.

Your heart fluttered.  Even in the middle of your lovemaking he was thinking about this?  You got a swelling feeling in your chest as though your heart was about to burst.  You loved this man so, so much.  You didn’t think he would ever stop amazing you with his kindness and sweetness.

With an uncontrollable grin on your face you chose to respond with a kiss rather than with words.  As you kissed you felt Matthew move against your entrance again and then he slid slowly inside.  You stretched around him, the sensation of him filling you making you gasp with pleasure.

Matthew began to thrust, every movement slow and gentle and tender.  This was different from the times when he would take you hard and fast and leave you aching, but fulfilled and in many ways it was better.  You were able to appreciate every twist and drive of his hips, the way he filled you up and hit every sensitive spot inside you.  You were able to appreciate the feel of his body against yours and the heat from his skin and the way his hand explored your side before settling for gently cupping your waist.

The build was slow this time, but just as intense.  You moved your hips with Matthew’s, matching his rocking pace as you tried to get as close to him as possible.  You heard Matthew breath your name, his lips brushing against yours and it took you to new heights, that ball of pressure tightening in your abdomen.

Slowly Matthew’s pace increased, but he never lost the gentleness, moving with you like you were precious and treasured.  The feeling of him in you, above you, all around you, and your own emotions was too much.  The pressure inside you suddenly stretched, pulling taunt, and then snapped.

You arched your body into Matthew’s as you called out his name, ecstasy crashing over you like a wave.  It obliterated every thought in your head and every sensation except pure and utter bliss and your glowing love for the man inside you.  Gradually you came down from your orgasm, Matthew’s continued thrusts extending and enhancing it.

You felt Matthew tense above you.  “-name-,” he groaned and you knew that he’d reached his own release as he gave a few weak last thrusts.

Matthew pulled out and rolled away, moving to rest on his side next to you before pulling you into his chest.  You snuggled against him, feeling warm and full and loved.  Matthew wiped your sweaty hair away from your face and kissed your forehead.  “You’re so beautiful,” he repeated, tenderly stroking your cheek with his thumb.

You couldn’t stop the silly grin from spreading across your face again.  “I love you,” you told him.  You pressed a light kiss to the end of his nose and buried your face in the junction of his neck and shoulder.

You would have been happy to lie there forever wrapped in love and warmth with Matthew in front and the fire behind.  But life was not so kind and it woke you from a half-doze with a thunderous knocking on the front door.

“Mattie?  -name-?  Hurry up and open the door already!  It’s freezing out here!”

You and Matthew froze before exchanging alarmed glances.  Both of you had completely forgotten that Matthew’s brother was coming to visit today.

“Come oooooooon!” you heard Alfred whine from outside, followed by another knock.

You just managed to stifle a giggle as Matthew ran a hand over his face with an irritated sigh.  “You did bring me that shirt, right?”
That's right! I've gone and written another one. Though this one has a completely different tone. I'm not sure if it's as effective, but I have an extremely hard time picturing Canada being sexually aggressive (or aggressive in much of anything), so you get sweet and loving Canada instead.

This one was for :iconbunniexqueen:. I hope you enjoyed it!

This will probably be my last lemon for a while. As sure most everyone has heard by now there's someone going around reporting lemons and generally spoiling everyone's fun. It disappoints me greatly that there's someone on this website who feels the need to do this, but it also disappoints me that dA maintains their double standard policies about pornography and pornographic literature. In any case I'm posting this despite everything that's been going on recently for three reasons:

- In defiance of whoever's been reporting lemons.
- In protest of dA's hypocrisy.
- And because I finished it, damn it, and I want to post it!

I certainly hope none of my lemons get reported, but if they do then oh well. I'll probably start writing some more once this whole thing cools down.

Hetalia belongs to :iconhimaruyaplz:
And how could you not want to belong to :iconsexycanada2plz: after that?

Want more?
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Mmm.....I think they have the BTT as neighbours xD
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justaregulartomato Jan 27, 2014  Student Writer
Ummm can you make a 2p Romano lemon? Please with churros and tomatoes on top
I went grocery shoping today. I was in the fresh fruit isle when I saw the lemons. I just stoped and stared at them XD
Sushi-Cutie Sep 14, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
It seems like major OOC Canada... Hard and Fast? Doesn't sound like my Canadia at all.
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