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BBC Sherlock: Cupid's Bow- JohnLock :iconimagination-junkie:imagination-junkie 27 34
Mature content
APH Fanfic: The Countdown, Part 2- Multi Pairings :iconimagination-junkie:imagination-junkie 3 5
Mature content
APH: It Started in the Wood, Pt 3- EnglandxReader :iconimagination-junkie:imagination-junkie 31 22
Mature content
APH: It Started in the Wood, Pt 2- EnglandxReader :iconimagination-junkie:imagination-junkie 28 14
APH: Christmas Eve- GermanyOC
The first time Prussia had asked if they could hold a party on Christmas Eve Germany had been skeptical about the idea.  Very skeptical.  But Prussia had been persistent (he first asked in January) and eventually Germany agreed.  As the day had approached Germany had grown increasingly anxious about the event, but now, on Christmas Eve, he was quite glad they’d done it.
They’d invited all of their closest friends.  Dinner had been a veritable feast of a potluck with everyone bringing far too much and eating far too much.  The alcohol had flowed just as freely leaving everyone the jollier for it.  The party had begun to wind down now, but everyone was still just as merry and happy.
Romano, Prussia, and Japan were in the family room playing some kind of video game.  From his place in the kitchen Germany could hear the explosions coming from the TV, as well as Prussia’s shouts and Romano’s curses.  Japan’s voice
:iconimagination-junkie:imagination-junkie 8 8
Mature content
APH: It Started in the Wood, Pt 1- EnglandxReader :iconimagination-junkie:imagination-junkie 43 33
Mature content
APH: Cowboy- AmericaxReader (Lemon) :iconimagination-junkie:imagination-junkie 776 260
Mature content
APH Fanfic: The Plan- 2p!talia :iconimagination-junkie:imagination-junkie 14 11
APH Fanfic: The Countdown, Part 1- Multi Pairings
This is a two-part ‘Love Actually’-esque story about the intersection of people’s lives and loves at New Year’s.  Featured pairings: PruHun, USUK, Spamano, NyoGerxIta, and a dash of Franada.
December 30
Elizabeta Héderváry-Beilschmidt was not typically a violent woman.  Well…no.  That statement wasn’t entirely accurate.  In any case she wasn’t typically given to fits of murderous rage.  However, as she stared at her husband snoring sloppily on the couch- his limbs sprawled everywhere and a line of drool draining from the corner of his mouth- the only thing she could think was ‘Kill, kill, kill…’.
“Gilbert…it’s time wake up,” Elizabeta said, her tone saturated with false sweetness.
“Ungh…five more minutes…”
“Oh no.  If you don’t get up
:iconimagination-junkie:imagination-junkie 5 11
APH Fanfic: The Longest Night- EnglandxReader
"Would you like some more tea, dear?"
"Oh, yes please."
Arthur rose from his armchair, collected your cup, and shuffled tiredly to the kitchen.  You placed the sock you were darning in your lap and turned your gaze up to watch him.
Arthur Kirkland was not a large man.  His most defining features were his messy blond hair, his bright green eyes, and his preposterously thick eyebrows.  Beyond that he was unremarkable, except…there was a quiet strength about him.  A certainty of self and purpose that seemed timeless.  That was probably why you had fallen in love with him.  Or perhaps it was the roguish side he had that usually only made its appearance in the bedroom.
You were newlyweds- well, no.  You weren't anymore.  You'd married almost a year and a half ago now, in the summer of 1939.  Back when there'd been hope.  Or at least optimism.  But, as long as you were with Arth
:iconimagination-junkie:imagination-junkie 135 96
Mature content
APH: Good Cop, Bad Cop- PolicePrussiaxPoliceReader :iconimagination-junkie:imagination-junkie 562 168
APH Fanfic: Persistent- SpainxOCPortugal
Portugal.  Ah, Portugal.  Spain couldn't stop himself from staring at her.  They were in yet another World Conference meeting and by the grace of God Portugal's seat was directly across from him!  Spain sighed, resting his chin in his palm with his elbow propped on the table, as his half-lidded eyes roved over her form.  She was so beautiful.
Today Portugal's gorgeous, wavy black hair was pulled back into a business-like bun.  She wore a suit as she always did at meetings, but there was something about the way that particular jacket fit her frame that drew Spain's eye.  And that pencil skirt, the way it hugged her hips and showed off her legs…Spain couldn't get enough.  And her high heels…  Dios mío, Spain thought, his face getting hot.  What a dangerous train of thought.
All the female nations were beautiful, of course, but Spain had always found Portugal to be the most a
:iconimagination-junkie:imagination-junkie 16 4
APH: World History 101, OCxVarious- Chapter 10
Chapter 10: Magellan's "Expedition"?
You know it's not going to be a good Saturday when you're awoken by an almighty crash.  And, unfortunately, that is my wake-up call this morning.
At the sound of the crash I fly out of bed half asleep, but still ready to alternatively scream bloody murder or punch the thief's/rapist's/serial murderer's lights out.  My confusion and panic begins to fade as all countries- and I'm pretty sure it's all of them- begin shouting from the main room.  
And then the panic comes rushing back.  Shit!  What did they break this time?!
I slam my bedroom door open just in time for Danny- who has come thundering down the stairs- to run into me.  We both stagger for a second before we regain our balance and are able to turn our attention to the scene before us.  Apparently our entrance hasn't been noticed as the shouting match continues.
"Alright, alright, I've had about enough of this bloody insan
:iconimagination-junkie:imagination-junkie 5 10
APH: World History 101, OCxVarious- Chapter 9
Chapter 9: America's Saddest Day?
It's quiet…too quiet.  I can feel my eyes narrowing in suspicion as I look around the main room, shutting the front door behind me.  Britain is seated at the dining table with a book and a cup of tea.  Japan is kneeling quietly in a corner doing calligraphy.  France is bustling around in the kitchen making something that smells absolutely divine.  And Russia comes in through the back door- forcing France to leap out of his way in fright- carrying a watering can and humming.  He ends up settling on the couch and turning on the TV.
"Ok.  What the hell is going on here?" I finally ask, too unnerved to keep silent any longer.  
All four nations look up at me like they just noticed I was there.  "What on Earth do you mean?" Britain questions looking perplexed.
"This!" I reply, waving my arms around to indicate the room.  "It's all calm and quiet in here.
:iconimagination-junkie:imagination-junkie 5 2
APH: World History 101, OCxVarious- Chapter 8
Chapter 8: As Red as a Tomato?
"Damn it!  I can't get this stupid thing to work!"  Danny jumps to his feet, throws his wrench to the ground, and then proceeds to stomp around in a temper tantrum.  We've been neglecting doing the yard work for the past couple of weeks (because of school starting, the party, etc) so today we've managed to rope everyone into helping out.
America is having a grand old time running the weed eater around the inside of our fence.  China, Japan, and Russia are all hard at work weeding the flowerbeds and Germany is trimming the hedges at the back of the yard while Italy "helps".  France and Britain are supposed to be gathering up the last of last fall's leaves from under our tree, but that has devolved into a battle with their rakes.  Danny is supposed to be mowing the yard, but our lawn mower is old and crappy and he can't get it to start.  Aaron is at band practice so he got out of helping
:iconimagination-junkie:imagination-junkie 2 0
APH: World History 101, OCxVarious- Chapter 7
Chapter 7:  The Curry Isn't Good Unless You Cry?
I hit the channel up button on the remote.  And I hit it again.  And again.  And again.  I should have expected this.  It's the first time I've gotten to watch TV in days and of course there's nothing good on.  Then again there isn't ever anything good on TV on Sunday anyways.
Actually it's kind of amazing that I'm in control of the TV in the first place.  There are two reasons.  The first is that America isn't here.  He dragged Japan off to the convenience store a few blocks away, shouting something about "cultural exchange".  Yea, I don't get it either.  China went with them too, though I suspect that has more do with his desire to bug Japan than any interest in the Seven-Eleven.
The second reason is that one Danny's frat buddies, Greg, is over.  They're currently sitting at the table hunched over Danny's la
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I tired to write.  I SWEAR I DID!  I just failed...epically.  XD

Anyways this is it for me for now.  I leave for basic tomorrow and I won't have a computer again until August.  So, see you then!

I swear I'll get some writing done some day...//shot

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United States
Hey everybody! I'm imagination junkie! I have zero artistic talent, but I do write fanfiction. I write a large variety of stuff, but most of what I post on this site are reader inserts. I love anime and manga, with my favorite being Hetalia. I've got quite a thing for BBC shows as well, with Doctor Who and Sherlock being my favorites. I have a account where I post some things that don't make it on this site.…

As for personal stuff I'm in my twenties and female. I'm a graduate student and in my free time I like to row, read, and, occasionally, ride horses.

To-write List (There isn't really an order to this, though the stuff closest to the top is more likely to get written sooner than the stuff at the bottom):

- LativiaxReader lemon for :iconhaleychan12:
- Prize for :iconnaked-toes:
- Prize for :iconlupus-astra:
- Prize for :iconheartoffiresoulofice:
- ScotlandxReader lemon for :iconverflores:
- WH 101 chapters
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- AmericaxReader
- America Shifter story
- PirateEnglandxReader lemon
- Italy Shifter story
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- The Plan sequel
- Muse story
- Historically based stuff


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